Thursday, October 22, 2009


SO SAD! SO SAD! What ever happen to the days where you could deal with someone and it was between you two and if it went deeper then that it was cool. Now a days you have to be what I call a (INDUSTRY GIRLFRIEND). The definition of a Industry girlfriend is a beautiful women who is only suppose to deal with this one person(ARTIST,ATHLETE,ENTERTAINER,RECORD EXECUTIVE) You can not deal with anyone else they know or in there circle. You go on trips with them, you deal with the Issues on not being the main girl but the girl who allows them to be whoever they wants to be in the industry. So you never get a chance to know the real person. Its Sad But As Models we have all fallen for the wrong guy and been in this very position or currently dealing with this situation. All I can Say ladies is Be careful .....Guard your heart..... and know that it is a temporary situation. I'm not saying that These types of men are incapable of love but i am saying that if you are in the position of a (INDUSTRY GIRLFRIEND) they already found there LOVE
OYE ME GENTE!!!! Eka Samone Here! I decided to discuss a topic that is often brought up by individuals either in the industry or just in general. HOW DO MODEL/VIDEO VIXENS GET TO THE TOP OF THERE GAME WITH OUT LOSING THERE MORALS?

LETS TALK ABOUT IT!!!! First Off Let me change the break down of this TOPIC. Some (WOMEN)- And this is Models,lawyers,teachers etc., don't naturally have Morals to dictate a hypothetical stop sign to not do things that they shouldn't do. I feel That Models like myself and the rest of this elite squad of women are placed in a certain category because of our beauty. A vast amount of the women who I work with have degrees and have very high morals in general.

I will definitely say that Not all of us sleep our way to the top. But sadly people will always think something of that nature until we go above and beyond to prove this. So I just wanted to say We are a bunch of beautiful educated amazing women who work just as hard if not harder to lock our positions and our Respect!!!!! SO EVALUATE THE MODEL BEFORE YOU STEREO TYPE US!!!!!

Eka Samone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eka's Introduction Into the Industry

OYE MY GENTE! ITS YOU ONE AND ONLY DOMINICAN CHULITA EKA SAMONE!! I wanted to say Bienvenido to all my fans and to all my new friends. I wanted everyone to stay tuned to the EKA SAMONE blog site. I'm Gonna Let you take this wild journey with me in this JUNGLE we call the Industry! I will be talking about Events(Videos,interviews,Editorials,corresponding,training)and up and coming As Well. We will Touch on the Personal Side of this game with myself and others who are well known. I will give my Sexy ladies advice on how do get in this game the right way, and keep your respect. Don't Worry Me Gente Me Vida Is Like a BOOK lol Best Seller! So stay tuned!
Power Hugs and Uplifting Kisses
Eka Besos xoxoxoxoxoxo