Friday, November 13, 2009


H.E.L.L.O- HEY-EVERYONE-LOOKEN-LOVEY-ONLINE THIS YOUR GIRL Eka Samone First Thing First........I would like to Thank everyone for all your continues Love and Support. Recently I have been getting a lot of twitts, emails, and phone calls about a situation that NEVER HAPPENED! In response I would like to say that Eka Samone does not promote, endorse or involve myself with the he say she say..... or to put it simple and plan things that are not true. But for all of you nosey must know gossipers (IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!!) *(POOF)* Like my Boy Swiss beats says "on to the next'! Check Your Girl out In the January Issue Of 305Hip Hard Body, on the Cover of Tasters Choice Magazine and the Cover Block Jamz Magazine, and also follow your girl on Follow this blog and other Blogs From Eka Samone at also Find your Girl on Facebook as well. And Make sure you long on and sign in to Eka Samone on YouTube- THE EKA SAMONE CHRONICLES.

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